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Coach John Todaro is a native of Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. At a very young age, he found a love for baseball and sports. John has worked with companies such as EXOS with Mark Versetagan, and TFW with Martin Rooney. John continues to go across the Country to be at seminars with the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country allowing them to grow their knowledge to be able to work with youth, college and professional athlete like Pierre Garçon of the Washington Redskins. John looks forward to the future of his abilities to keep learning and be the best coach in the area. He says ” if you can dream it, believe it, and see it, you can achieve it.

Here at Pro Train Athletes, we are athletes, we are coaches and we are strength and conditioning specialists. The trifecta that puts your athlete in the best position possible to excel at their sport. We are a team with college and professional experience in baseball, football, basketball soccer and lacrosse top athletes turned performance trainers. We don’t just make your athlete sprint – we teach them HOW to sprint. First step movement, mechanics, linear, lateral and bilateral movements that not only strengthen the muscles and prevent injury, making you not only faster and stronger but also more resilient.

We also work in one-on-one and group setting with non-athletes. At Pro Train Athletes we pride ourselves on not only building the best athletes in the area but also have the best adult training program.

At Pro Train Athletes we pride ourselves on not only building the best athletes in the area but also have the best adult training program.

No more boring cardio at Pro Train Athletes we have the best calorie burning strength training workouts that put the fun back into fitness.

Our programs are specially designed for your goals and what areas you need to work on.

Our trainers are all precision nutrition certified so leave the Calorie counting to us we got you covered with the best nutrition advice and supplementation counseling.

Our training programs are geared toward losing weight, building muscle, toning up, getting ready for a pregnancy or post pregnancy, and getting ready summer.

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